Tuesday, September 13, 2011

National Zoo, Washington DC

 After BlogPaws I stayed with a friend in the area. 
He wasn't willing to share his carrot.

 One of Mr. Panda's friends, a mongoose.

 Here's an agouti.
 He's the size of a small bunny.

 A rock cavy on a rock!

 A naked mole rat in an exhibit designed to draw attention to their tunnel fetish.

 Naked mole rats are colonial animals.

 Meerkats are cute but someday I'll tell you what a zookeeper told me about them.

 I've never had a degu, but I really like them! 
I wonder if they ever come into rescue?

 This is an interactive blog post, so POUND YOUR CHEST!


 Butt. You knew there would be one.

 Chow hound.

 Frog and duckweed.

 I wonder why they have to cage the water lilies from the turtles! 

 Prairie dog!

 Ring-tailed lemurs. Don't you love their huts?


 "At top speed, a cheetah covers about 23 feet in a single stride."

The best animal on the trip was my friend's little dog, Mack.
Say goodbye, Mack!

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  1. Oh wow! Looks like you had a good day! I like the little agouti :) x