Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where's Dobby?

I've been sneaking around since I was born.
 In this photo, I'm with my baby brothers and sisters. 
Can you guess which one is me? 
I was the littlest.

 When I first came to live with Stacy I lived in her bathtub. 
I'm sitting in my potty bowl here.

 Waffle boxes make nice bedrooms, when you are tiny.

 I loved to hide under this shelf!

 I always felt safe around my white rabbit rug. 
I'm smaller than a rabbit head!


 When I was little I could explore the kitchen, but not the living room. 
I could see it, though!

 Eventually I outgrew the waffle box.

 It got harder for me to get under the shelf, too.

 When I got my outside Big Boy bed, I could walk right under it.

 Look where I am now! The DUCK pond! 
Their water has lots of flavor! I can get clean in here!

Chickens and capybaras aren't really allowed in the rabbit pen, 
but here we are!

I like to hide in my swimming pool.

 Sometimes my swimming pool hides from me!

I used to hide under this tarp, before it got eaten.

 Crossing The River Dobby in the front yard!

When I am frightened in the front yard, 
I go hide behind this shed, 
way around the corner.

 Until I was about 5 months old, I slept right here, 
with my rabbit rug, next to Stacy's bed. 
The rabbit head is a lot smaller, now!

 I'm still small enough to hide under my rabbit, though.

 There are a lot of "Not For Dobbys" in the living room.

This is the bathtub I lived in when I was a baby!

 It is hard to get under my shelf, even when it has been raised a few notches!

Guess where I am in this picture? This is Helen's corner! 
Those are the cookbooks she eats! 
I'm a little bit grubby, so I have linoleum floors and 
walls to keep the splashing contained.