Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delivery for Dobby

Sometimes trucks come to the house, but I have only gotten one real present from a truck. It was from my big brother, Caplin.

Wow- that thing is BIG!

The big thing is coming into the back yard!
That means it is MINE, no matter what it is!

Justin and Horatio are taking a little break.
That thing is heavy and Horatio is doing most of the work.

I wanted them to put it in my bedroom, but they wouldn't listen to me.

I think I know what it is but it couldn't be for me.

I'm just going to look over the edge to see what is inside it.
Besides Stacy. Why is she standing in it?

What is this, anyway? A bathroom sink?

Hey! This looks like a bathtub! I like bathtubs!
I like to have my picture taken when I am in the bathtub!

That looks like a potty, too!
My poop could go in there and go away, like it did when I was a baby living inside!

I think I am going to have a First Quality Guaranteed bathroom in my back yard!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Poop Game

When I was a baby, I pooped in water in a black rubber bowl. I didn't have to learn it from anybody, it was just where I liked to poop- and pee too. Stacy would dump it out into the toilet and put new water in it. I never really drank from this bowl because I had another nice water bowl. I like milk better than water, even now.

This is me in my poop bowl when I was a lot bigger. When I got so big I couldn't really fit in this bowl, I started pooping on the ground, even though Stacy got me a much bigger bowl. Most big boys poop on the ground, even though Caplin still poops in a bowl. Caplin's owner still dumps his poop in the toilet, but Stacy refuses to carry it into the house to do that.

This is a picture of the apple tree I tried to eat. Wait a minute- weren't we talking about poop? Oh, there are no more pictures of pooping but I do want to tell you about The Poop Game.

The Poop Hole

The Poop Game is one of the best games I have invented. I like to poop on the deck right outside the kitchen door. Stacy hates this, so she usually comes right out to clean it up. She puts it into the second hole she has dug in the yard (ha ha ha I already pooped enough to fill the first hole she dug 2 months ago!) and comes back around to the deck. I always follow her and watch everything. Here is the fun part- I have made another poop on the deck right after she cleaned up the first one! I know how much she likes my poop, so I am just giving her another present. She makes a funny shape with her mouth and scoops up the second poop, goes out to the yard and puts it into the hole. I hang back a little bit and then I follow her out to the poop hole. Guess what? Ha ha ha, I have saved just enough to make one more little poop! It is not little enough to ignore, though, so she scoops it up and for the third time I follow her out to watch her dump it. That's usually the end of it. Three poops, three trips to the poop hole. Isn't that fun!