Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Recovery

 When I arrived home from the veterinary clinic I was a little woozy. 
But it didn't hurt to sit down or anything.

 I wanted to get into bed but I couldn't climb a step that big...
plus I was staggering around a little when I walked.

 So I went inside and stared at my potato bowl. 
I was even too groggy to eat my corn and apple!

 It doesn't get much better than this! 
My White Rabbit Rug, my "sleep in the house" bed, 
my frog blanket, and a bowl of milk!

 On Friday, Stacy put some blankets on the deck 
so I could comfortably receive visitors. 
This is Celery the hen.

 Wiley Wabbit dropped by to say hello, too.

 This is the lazy way to drink milk.

 I probably spent most of Friday and Saturday right here on the deck. 
I got to sleep inside for 3 nights!

 On Sunday I started to walk around and check on my projects. 
Stacy reduced the dosage on the pain medication so I wasn't as sleepy.

 I got pouffy. I "sit" and get pouffy for my medicine, too, 
but in this picture I am just pouffy about the sunny day.

 Excuse me, I am just going to go inside and check on my White Rabbit Rug. 
It is still recovering from the visit to the veterinary clinic, too!

 This is my private pasture in the back yard. It is fenced to keep chickens out!

 This is what chickens do to a pasture. DIRT.

Monday I had a little picnic with my friends. 
That is Pamplemousse the hen, and 
two Muscovy drakes we took in, Julian and Romeo.

 There must be a problem with the swimming pool 
because the steps are fenced off. Oh well!

 That's Wiley Wabbit, again, back there in the corner of my pen.
That's the bucket I play with at midnight!
I like to rub my nose on the swing. 

In fact, I like to rub my nose, my morillo actually, on everything, 
including the apple tree! I'm going to get busy here, but I'm doing just fine!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Garibaldi's Radiographs

 Dr. Vincenzi and Vera took me off the stretcher and set me down on the x-ray machine.

 This part of the operation was a special gift to my brother and friend, 
Garibaldi Rous. 
(I'm still knocked out even though my eyes are open and my tongue is sticking out!)

 You see, Gari's hind legs are not right, and we're pretty sure mine are normal.
Gari is a little knock-kneed and I am almost bow-legged!
Stacy thinks I walk with a John Wayne swagger.
It's my own special rumblestrut.

  A few weeks ago, Gari had radiographs taken of his hindquarters,
but there are no radiographs of a normal capybara to compare them to.

  It's kind of a big deal even to take radiographs.
See, here comes Dr. Nathanson with the oxygen and the IV fluids again.
  My vital signs were monitored during all of the procedures.

We had to try to get exactly the same angles as Gari's radiographs.

 Here I am practicing holding really still for the x-rays.

 Dr. Vincenzi gave me another injection.
There were so many Stacy can't remember what all of them were.
I'm not scared to get shots, though, even when I'm fully awake.

 Stacy and I donated my radiographs to the ROUS Foundation.
We hope they will help everyone understand what is wrong with Gari's butt.

 We're finished here so Stacy came over to hold me.
The big surprise from my radiographs is that at 2-1/2 years old, I am still growing!

 Dick helped Dr. Vincenzi carry me back to the room where it all started.
Dr. Vincenzi said I weighed more after the surgery,
even though it seems like I should have weighed less!

So, one more shot and a long wait for me to stand up!
See how clean everything looks here?
It wasn't very clean by the time we high-tailed it out of there!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Theft

 I don't remember any of this. 
Stacy told me they carried me down the hall. 
See that little window on the right? 
Stacy took some of the photos through that window.

 The veterinarians took my harness off and 
decided where to connect their veterinary paraphernalia 
before they flipped me onto my back.

 They strapped me down and Dr. Nathanson put an oxygen mask on me.

 They connected me to intravenous fluids.
We recently discovered that subcutaneous fluids are not a good idea for capybaras.
What is Dr. Vincenzi looking at?

 This is what Dr. Vincenzi is looking at.

 It took a long time to prepare my nether regions for surgery.

 The thief, aka Dr. Vincenzi, cut two holes in me and 
stole pieces out of there.

 The stuff in those two jars used to be inside of me.

 Then he sewed my insides up and 
glued the skin back together to hide the holes.

 They had to hold my hand the whole time so I wouldn't get scared. 
Actually, it helped to keep the fluids flowing into me.

 Dr. Vincenzi must have been doing embroidery down there.

 This is the after picture. Do you like the bandage? 
That pink one with the red hearts is where they drew a blood sample.

 I guess they couldn't think of any more stuff to take out of me.

So down the hall I went!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Anticipation

 I'm going to see the vet today, even though Gari's vet came to visit me on Tuesday. 
Maybe Dr. Vincenzi wants to look at my scar.

 I've never had my milk in the car before. 
I don't usually get it this early, either!

 Milk-mouth in the car, coming to get you! Little kiss?

 We're right on time and I got right out of the car on my new ramp and came into the clinic, making my best happy noises!

 I'm going to take a nap. This is too early for me!

 That's the spot- right there under my chin.

 All righty then, let's go home!

 It's hard to bite a hole in the seat cushion with Stacy's jacket here 
but I can deposit some milk on the back of the chair.

 Gee, Stacy, thanks for the great new toy. Isn't that for BABIES? 
I do like to bite the dragonfly. In the future, stick with the rats.

 Something in my eye. Can we hurry it up here?

 I know you have been cleaning the floor with this towel but 
I'm sweating bullets here and I have to have a blanket!

 I'm glad we all brought books to read. 
This is Capyboppy and I am reading the part where he gets sick.

 Wait! What was that? Dr. Vincenzi just came in here! 
Come back, I have some questions!


To be continued.