Tuesday, September 13, 2011

National Zoo, Washington DC

 After BlogPaws I stayed with a friend in the area. 
He wasn't willing to share his carrot.

 One of Mr. Panda's friends, a mongoose.

 Here's an agouti.
 He's the size of a small bunny.

 A rock cavy on a rock!

 A naked mole rat in an exhibit designed to draw attention to their tunnel fetish.

 Naked mole rats are colonial animals.

 Meerkats are cute but someday I'll tell you what a zookeeper told me about them.

 I've never had a degu, but I really like them! 
I wonder if they ever come into rescue?

 This is an interactive blog post, so POUND YOUR CHEST!


 Butt. You knew there would be one.

 Chow hound.

 Frog and duckweed.

 I wonder why they have to cage the water lilies from the turtles! 

 Prairie dog!

 Ring-tailed lemurs. Don't you love their huts?


 "At top speed, a cheetah covers about 23 feet in a single stride."

The best animal on the trip was my friend's little dog, Mack.
Say goodbye, Mack!

Friday, September 9, 2011

BlogPaws, the Event

 The actual event involved a lot of posing and a lot of paparazzi.

 Here is Melanie telling a Disney movie director 
to make a movie featuring capybaras.

A few minutes later Papua Piig is charming him, 
sending subliminal messages about movies featuring guinea pigs.

 When the paparazzi became unbearable, Papua Piig retired to 
The Pumpkin Room, his little bistro in a bathtub.

 Papua Piig just brings out the best in everyone!

 Don't look now, but there are paparazzi EVERYWHERE!

 Don't worry, little Papua Piig! I won't let her take any more photos!

 Angela, posing with the (decoy) puppy from the thrilling (not) 
Spooky Buddies movie.

 Here we have the surly Disney pup trainer attempting to pose 
Melanie, Super Gari, and Decoy Pup.

 Not this again. Melanie is at the computer. 
We need a diversion!

One of the most exciting things that happened wasn't Hurricane Irene, 
swirling leaves and garbage up into the hotel lobby. 
It was a rescue of two guinea pigs by 
Becky Wilson from Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. 

 Here's Shake and Quake! 
Shake was determined to be blind in one eye and pregnant! 
It turned out to be worse than that. 
Quake seems to be in fair condition. Guinea Pig Today
 The final evening of the event was cause for celebration!
(left to right) Capycoppy, Decoy Piig, Decoy Piig, Flat Dobby, and Flat Peanut 
(doesn't Peanut look real in this photo?)

 Melanie brought a puzzle! 
(left to right)  Melanie Capybara Madness
Dean who became our hero when he showed up with wine, 
 We couldn't have done it without the wine!

Packing it in for the day! We're already looking forward to the 
2012 Blog Paws Conference in Salt Lake City!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

BlogPaws (Visiting Papua Piig)

The 2011 Conference in Tyson's Corner, Virginia attracts a motley crew.

 (left to right) Super Capy, Flat Dobby, Naked Mole Rat, Decoy Piig, Flat Caplin, Capycoppy
(and Angela)

 The friends enjoy some sangria!

When we get to Papua Piig's house, Melanie pretends to like Toastcat.

Toastcat pretends to like Capycoppy and Super Capy but nobody is smiling for Melanie's camera.

Decoy Piig shows off his Fish Friends.

Papua Piig thinks he can teach Super Capy and Capycoppy a lesson. 
Decoy Piig is laughing at him.

Papua Piig doesn't go anywhere without emergency sustenance.

The home of WHEK.tv! 
Here's Papua Piig and co-host Phoenix Phuzzer!

Viewers witnessed a WHEK.tv exclusive when Capycoppy and Super Capy visited!

Don't look now, but Papua Piig is checking out Super Capy's butt!

You can check out Super Capy's butt here.

Remember what I said about Papua and sustenance?

Look out Phoenix! Capycoppy is checking out your butt!

Phoenix is jumping on the bed. Again.

Papua is unhappy about sharing with Capycoppy, 
even though he doesn't really eat much.

The fun part of the visit is over when Melanie settles in at a computer. 
I would like to point out the incredible wings 
hanging off the back of Angela's chair, though.