Saturday, September 3, 2011

BlogPaws (Visiting Papua Piig)

The 2011 Conference in Tyson's Corner, Virginia attracts a motley crew.

 (left to right) Super Capy, Flat Dobby, Naked Mole Rat, Decoy Piig, Flat Caplin, Capycoppy
(and Angela)

 The friends enjoy some sangria!

When we get to Papua Piig's house, Melanie pretends to like Toastcat.

Toastcat pretends to like Capycoppy and Super Capy but nobody is smiling for Melanie's camera.

Decoy Piig shows off his Fish Friends.

Papua Piig thinks he can teach Super Capy and Capycoppy a lesson. 
Decoy Piig is laughing at him.

Papua Piig doesn't go anywhere without emergency sustenance.

The home of! 
Here's Papua Piig and co-host Phoenix Phuzzer!

Viewers witnessed a exclusive when Capycoppy and Super Capy visited!

Don't look now, but Papua Piig is checking out Super Capy's butt!

You can check out Super Capy's butt here.

Remember what I said about Papua and sustenance?

Look out Phoenix! Capycoppy is checking out your butt!

Phoenix is jumping on the bed. Again.

Papua is unhappy about sharing with Capycoppy, 
even though he doesn't really eat much.

The fun part of the visit is over when Melanie settles in at a computer. 
I would like to point out the incredible wings 
hanging off the back of Angela's chair, though.

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  1. Hello :-) these guinea pigs are cute, I used to have my own one when I was a kid