Saturday, March 31, 2012

Farewell Faithful Swimming Pool!

I love my swimming pool. 
Stacy found it on sale before I was born! 
I had to grow before she would let me swim in it.

This is my second swimming pool. 
The first one leaked. 
This one started leaking the day we set it up. 
They aren't very expensive pools.

On good days, it doesn't leak at all and I can swim and play in it.

 On other days it leaks a little bit. 
We have a hard time understanding how this can be. 
Some days it doesn't leak at all, like when the ground is frozen.

 Just lately, though, it has started to leak a LOT! 

 Even though the original leak was on the BACK side at the bottom, 
these new leaks started right after I went swimming.

 Heh heh heh, they are little bite marks I made from inside the pool!

Stacy took this picture of the original leak, looking down into the pool from above. 
The leak looks like a fuzzy whitish oblong near the center of the photo. 
Stacy would like you to disregard the ridiculous hat she is wearing.

 In this photo I am checking out one of the side benefits of a leaky pool: MUD!

It's a big leak and has made a lot of mud.

 The water in the pool keeps going away and the goldfish are scared.

 When the water gets low I'm not allowed to swim in my pool.

 We have a lot of water, though. 
It comes out of that green hose. 
So Stacy just keeps filling it up.

Today, Stacy filled a sock with sand and water absorbent polymer 
and dropped it onto the hole. So far, the leak has stopped, 
but I'm afraid it might be time to say good-bye to this pool.
Farewell, faithful pool!