Saturday, November 14, 2009

I think I am finally ready to write about my day

I have had a VERY exhausting day. I chased the silly hens and had to keep pushing the geese and ducks out of my pen. They know it is my special place and can't seem to stay out. They like my food- there is always my special granola and usually potatoes. I think they like the broccoli best. At least they stay off of my bed! I have had 4 big bowls of milk today, that is my special goat's milk with rice cereal made for babies. I know I'm not a baby any more, but I heard my owner Stacy saying how expensive the organic baby cereal is getting because I go through a box a day. That makes me feel special. Right now I am relaxing before I have my last bowl of the day and go out to my bed. Stacy calls this Potato Time because I like to eat my potatoes at night.

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