Thursday, May 10, 2012

My New Swimming Pool - Part Two: Disassembly

So this is it? This is my new pool? Harumph. It looks different.

I can hardly stand the excitement.

You want me to dive in or something? 
With the camera in your hand you're asking me to DIVE?

Not on your life. I don't see my fish in there yet.

Nice touch, a raggy rug on my steps. 
I'll just toss it over...there.

The swimming pool was finished two days ago but I'm still not sure.

 Say what? Really? My fish are in there?

Sure enough! Fish testing phase complete, then!

It's a beautiful sight!

Okay, then, but not until you put the camera down! 


Lots of water! 
The fish are all frantically swimming away from me!


The first bite was above the water level.
That's okay, right?

Next day and I'm swimming again!

After my second swim, the  back yard started filling up with water. 
By morning the water level had lowered by three feet (a meter).

If you look closely, you can see the bite hole right in the middle of the photo. 
It looks like a black slit just above (to the right) of the bottom of the pool.


Determined to be a hazard, the pool was closed and disassembled.

What took them nearly a week to assemble was apart in less than a day.

I'm still not sure what happened to my pool.

But I am sure it is gone.

It doesn't even look like a pool any more.


  1. Awww.. Poor Dobby! They need to build a Dobby proof swimming pool just for you!

    Of course, since I suspect that would require titanium and lots of concrete, you may be SoL.

    Maybe potatoes of commiseration help cheer you up.

  2. Poor Dobbye um I dont think so you know very well young man that you bought this on yourself. But well I do feel sorry for you that you dont have a pool now that summer is coming and its getting hot

  3. It is a pity to tear down the pool considering that summer is coming. Consider putting a pool cover to maintain it properly. Poor Dobby going in for a dip, the water looks cold.

    @Cathy Newman

  4. It's too bad that the pool had to be disassembled just after a couple of uses. Dobbye must have been so excited that he ended up biting on things. It's unfortunate that he took it out on the pool lining. I think you need something more heavy duty for his next pool. Maybe even consider building an in-ground one.