Friday, May 13, 2011


Do you see the pot under Stacy's right hand? That is the pot I crashed into on Wednesday. 

[Missing video that nobody thought to shoot]
I had a dog visitor who wasn't very polite and scared the heck out of me by barking. Instead of running away, I ran across the bridge (stage left) and when I turned right to head down this path, I skidded into the pot! It was just like the cartoons where the dog legs turn into wheels and everything gets crazy.

 Mom, I got a BooBoo nose! It was hard to tell how bad the cut was because of all the blood.

 We sent some photos to the vet who thought we should come in to check it out.

 This is my favorite photograph! What makes it so good is that I had just eaten an apple, and all that juice adds a really sick effect to the underlying gore.
 In the car I got all mixed up in my leash and rode with my ears pulled back the whole way.

[missing photograph this time: picture 5 lab coats in a semicircle, everyone shrugging]
When we got to the vet clinic, I *almost* got out of the car but then a dog started barking in a parked car at the pet shop next door and I backed way up into the car again. So the veterinarian and staff came out to the car to take a look. We all decided that it is going to be a really cool scar, but that if it isn't awesome enough I can have plastic surgery to fix it. I'd like a Frankenstein scar with stitch marks!

 I was still mad on the way home. All that way and we just got a little bottle of pills.

 This is what it looked like on Thursday afternoon. It's a big gash.

On Friday you can hardly see it. I'm probably going to have to go back to my scar it "enhanced." It doesn't look like it is going to be very impressive, after all.


  1. Aww! Poor Dobby! It was a very glamourous wound!

  2. Hi Stacy!
    I'm a long time fan of Caplin and now Gari, and just discovered you and Dobby! I'm in seattle too--I help with a rabbit rescue and love that Caplin (and Dobby?) love bunnies.
    Does Dobby ever entertain visitors who are curious about Capys?
    A girl has to ask...

  3. Tamara- I have a rabbit co-pet named Wiley Wabbit. Wiley lives outdoors and spends his afternoons in the garden with me. He recently lost his mate and is currently looking for a new outdoor bunny companion because I don't pay very much attention to him.
    I love to have visitors! E-mail me or Stacy and she'll see if we can set something up.