Friday, October 22, 2010

Prince Dobalob's Throne Room

This is my old bathroom. A hole in the ground with a lid. There have been several holes like this, but there aren't a lot of places left in the yard where we want to put poop holes.

One day a bathtub, a toilet, and two sinks appeared in the middle of the back yard. They stayed there so long that the rabbits dug a nice hidey-hole under the bathtub.

 This is Becky and Kannon. They are laughing at me because I really, really want to see what Kannon is doing, but there is a fence in the way. I thought Kannon was digging a new poop hole, and in a way, I was right.

 I was surprised when Kannon closed up the poop holes and put sticks in them.

 Last time he built a deck, the greenhouse went on top of it.

 Kannon is the strongest man in the world. He moved that cast-iron bathtub all by himself!

 Thank goodness there are some privacy screens!

 There is even a nice big step for clumsy capybaras!

 I still have my fur groomed professionally, even though I now have facilities available so that I can do it myself.

 I thought my bathroom was done, but the fence went back up.  Kannon installed special flooring and then grass started to grow. Norman, Cubicle, Cleopatra, Boxcar and Boondock are taste-testing the new grass.

 The black rubber floor heats up nicely in the Seattle "sun."

Aaaaah! Custom made for a prince!

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